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Sexual Health Articles

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Study Warns of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea

10 Aug 2014 | 32,301 Views

The sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea may soon be resistant to its last remaining treatment option, posing a serious public health threat.

Viagra Frisky Might Be Melanoma Risky

25 Jun 2014 | 56,038 Views

Men who use this popular erectile dysfunction drug may be significantly boosting their risk of a deadly form of cancer.

Low Libido? 11 Drugs That Affect Your Sex Drive

09 Apr 2014 | 227,136 Views

If your sex drive isn’t what it used to be, the culprit may be lurking in your medicine cabinet.

The Top 11 Benefits of Sex

18 Nov 2013 | 386,764 Views

Are you looking for a purely enjoyable way to boost your health and feel better inside and out? Try having more sex!

What's In a Kiss? More Than You Realize…

05 Sep 2013 | 212,974 Views

Here's one theory as to the original purpose of kissing... and it may be related to your risk of obesity and how confident and secure you feel in relationships. Take heart, even if you grew up emotionally "scarred", there's a way to reprogram your body's response...

Unplanned Pregnancies 20 Times More Likely on Birth Control Pill than IUD

21 Jun 2012 | 43,674 Views

If you think the Pill is the best form of birth control out there, you’re in for a big surprise...

Can Eating Beneficial Bacteria Make You Sexier?

23 May 2012 | 58,942 Views

When mice ate probiotics, they developed a certain sexy “swagger” … does this apply to humans as well?

Vitamin D Has Been Shown to Dramatically Improve Fertility

16 Feb 2012 | 162,869 Views

Optimizing your levels of this essential vitamin may be the infertility solution you’ve been searching for.

Doctor Warns: Eat This and You’ll Look 5 Years Older

08 Dec 2011 | 1,149,783 Views

A new study at the Hawaii Center for Health Research showed people who consumed a lot of this "healthy" food in mid-life not only aged less gracefully, they were more likely to experience brain aging and a more pronounced loss of cognitive function. Ignore this at your own risk...

Could Eating This Popular "Health" Food Lead to Celibacy?

17 Nov 2011 | 107,789 Views

If you enjoy - or aspire to - a robust sex life, then you'd better think twice about consuming this popular "health" food. Widely eaten, this food can deliver a host of unwanted side effects - including loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.


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